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Corporate Super

Many companies find it difficult to provide a default super option for their employees that will perform well and be cost effective. We can provide a comprehensive super solution that optimises performance and cost for your staff while streamlining the payment process and reducing the administrative burden. This means your valuable staff get the best deal and you can focus on growing the business instead of being sidetracked by administration.

Automated clearing house facilities can be used to simplify the payment of employee super contributions. This facility enables you to make only one payment for all of your employees’ super contributions. Upon receipt, this payment is then distributed to your employees’ individual superannuation funds.

We can provide advice on setting age-based default member investment options and automatic acceptance limits for insurances.

You can also add value and help retain staff by working with us to tailor member education seminars and workshops (including technical and superannuation updates).

If your company already has a plan in place, we would be happy to review it or if you are looking to set up a new plan, please contact us to ensure optimisation and compliance with legislation.